New Website

The City of Wildomar has launched its first comprehensive website, and it places an emphasis on service and communication.

Coming to life as a city in the 21st Century, Wildomar’s leaders are using the latest in this century’s technology to serve the public.

The aim of the site is to allow residents and business people to answer as many questions and fill as many needs as possible without making trips or phone calls to City Hall.

Among its more prominent features is the Online Services section, appropriately a part of the site’s Help Center, that provides a way to request services or information around the clock. Those interested also will find a city calendar, agendas and minutes for the City’s lawmakers and policy advisers, a subscriber feature to help people stay in the loop by getting emailed notices about new site postings, and a wide array of other city government and community information.

This new city has placed a premium on communication, and the new site goes a long way to helping do that.

The City contracted with SiteCreators, a valley firm that specializes in high availability websites.