November 8, 2022 General Municipal Election

The City of Wildomar will be holding a Consolidated General Municipal Election on November 8, 2022, to elect one City Council Member for a full four-year term from Districts 1, 3 & 5. Candidates are nominated by and voted upon by registered voters in their district.

Calendar of Events

  • July 18, 2022: First day to file Nomination Papers
  • August 13, 2022 5PM: Last day to file Nomination Papers
  • August 17, 2022: Last day to file Nomination Papers if extended due to incumbent not filing
  • August 18, 2022: Randomized Alphabet Drawing by Secretary of State
  • September 12, 2022: First day to file Nomination Papers for Write-in Candidates
  • September 29, 2022: Campaign Statements Due - 1st Pre-election
  • October 10, 2022:  First day you can Vote  (Each registered Voter will begin receiving their ballot by mail beginning this day.)
  • October 24, 2022: Last day to Register to Vote
  • October 25, 2022: Last day to file Nomination Papers for Write-in Candidates
  • October 27, 2022: Campaign Statements Due - 2nd Pre-election
  • October 29 - November 8, 2022: 11-day Vote Center - Drop off your ballot or vote in person
  • November 5 - November 8, 2022: Drop off your ballot or vote in person
  • November 8, 2022: ELECTION DAY 

The nomination period to be on the ballot for the November 8, 2022 General Municipal Election is now closed. If you would like to file paper to be a write-in candidate, please e-mail the City Clerk,  [email protected] or call 951-677-7751 x210 to schedule an appointment. 

Candidate List

Candidate Name  District Documents Issued Documents Returned Date Qualified
Jasmine "Jay" Bearden
(Write - In Candidate)
1   09/13/2022   09/15/2022 09/20/2022
 Chuck Jones 1   07/20/2022  08/12/2022  08/12/2022
 Carlos Marquez 1   08/02/2022 08/12/2022  08/16/2022 
 Matthew Baldwin 3 07/18/2022  07/25/2022 07/25/2022
 Joseph Morabito 3  07/18/2022  07/21/2022  07/25/2022

* List in alphabetical order by District, Last Name. 

Pursuant to § 10229 of the Elections Code of the State of California, the City Council met in Special Session on August 24, 2022 to appoint Ashlee DePhillippo, as if elected, to the City Council for a Full 4 year term in District 5 and cancelled the election scheduled  on November 8, 2022 in District 5 only. 

Qualified City Council Candidate Forms

Notices and Resolutions

Voter Registration


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How do I register to Vote?

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• A United States citizen and a resident of California;
• 18 years old or older on Election Day;
• Not currently serving a state or federal prison term for the conviction of a felony; and
• Not currently found mentally incompetent to vote by a court. 

If you are eligible, you can register to vote or update your registration online at If you would like to fill out a physical form, voter registration applications can be found at post offices and libraries.

You must re register to vote if you move, change your name, or change your political party preference.

Can I pre-register to vote in California?
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What if I need to check my voter registration status?
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When will I receive my ballot?
County elections officials will mail vote by mail ballots to all active registered voters for every election, if they have registered before the voter registration deadline. For the November 8, 2022, General Election, the County will begin mailing ballots by October 10, 2022.

Can I track my vote-by-mail ballot?
Yes! Where’s My Ballot? allows voters to track and receive notifications on the status of their vote by mail ballot. Sign up at to receive automatic email, SMS (text), or voice call notifications about your ballot.

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