Note: DUE TO THE CLOSURE OF CITY HALL BETWEEN 12/23/2022-1/2/2023 the last day to submit plans under the 2019 editions of the California Building Codes will be December 22, 2022. Any projects that are processed after January 1, 2023 will need to be designed to meet the 2022 editions of the California Building Codes.

Building Department Counter Hours:

Monday – Thursday 8:00 a.m. – 12 p.m. or by Appointment
(Closed Afternoons & Fridays)
Building Department Main Line: 951 677-7751 EXT 201

The Building & Safety Department reviews construction plans for residential and commercial projects. It issues permits for approved plans and follows up with periodic inspections to ensure that work meets various building codes. The department’s work focuses on seeing that structures are as safe as they can be.

Building & Safety Staff

M. Scott Burns Building Inspection Supervisor [email protected] 951-677-7751 ext. 249

Deidra Mendoza Senior Administrative Analyst [email protected] 951-677-7751 ext. 244

Arlene Diaz Development Services Technician [email protected] 951-677-7751 ext. 241

Sheri Barkley Contract Building Technician [email protected] 951-677-7751 ext. 5345

William Hayes Building Official

New Permit Submittals
Please Email the Building Permit Applications to: [email protected]
Phone: (951) 677-7751 Ext. 201 

Request an Inspection 
If you would like to email us to schedule an inspection please do the following:
1) Email: [email protected]
2) Add INSPECTION REQUEST in the subject line to avoid delays 

When submitting this email, please include the following information:
a) Permit Number
b) Project address
c) Requested Inspection Type
d) Onsite contact name & phone number
e) Special instructions related to this inspection 
To request an inspection by phone, call: (951) 677‐5616.
When leaving a voicemail, please include the following information: 
a) Permit Number
b) Project address
c) Requested Inspection Type
d) Onsite contact name & phone number
e) Special instructions related to this inspection
*All building inspection requests received by 4:00 pm will be scheduled for the following business day. Inspection requests made after 4:00 pm on Thursday will be scheduled for the following Tuesday.

Applications & Forms

Building Permit Application - Non-Mobile Homes
Mobile Home Permit Application Packet
Fee Schedule
Pool Barrier Notice updated 02- 2018
Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detector Notification
Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Submittal Packet

Construction Standards
Patio Cover Standard 03-2018
Block Wall
Retaining Wall

Solar Photo-Voltaic Submittal Requirements
Solar Permitting Guidebook - 4th Edition

Electric Vehicle Charging Guidelines for Residential Buildings
Electric Vehicle Charging Guidelines and Form
Electrical Vehicle Charging SCE Electricians Guide

Construction Hours

Monday through Saturday
6:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
No construction is permitted on Sunday or City observed holidays.

AB 3002 Business License, Building Permit Model Notice 

Outside Agency Contacts:
School Fees - Contact Lake Elsinore Valley Unified School District - 951 353-7015
Water Meter - Contact Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District: 951 674-3146
Gas Meter - Contact Southern California Gas Company: 800 228-7377
Electric Meter - Contact SCE Planning Department: 800 644-4555
Riverside County Department of Environmental Health (for septic system approval): 951 955-8980 

The City of Wildomar has adopted the following code versions:
2019 California Building Code
2019 California Residential Code
2019 California Fire Code
2019 California Plumbing Code
2019 California Mechanical Code
2019 California Fuel Gas Code
2019 California Energy Conservation Code
2019 California Existing Building Code
2019 California Electrical Code
2019 California Green Code

City of Wildomar Design Criteria 

Ground Snow Load

Speed (mph)

Topographic Effects

Seismic Design Category


Frost Line


Winter Design Temp

Ice Barrier Underlayment Required

AirFreezing Index




D3 or E



Very Heavy




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