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Project Summaries

Below is a list of the major active construction projects in the City that have an impact on daily traffic. Projects are listed below, by the primary street that is impacted. To find out more details regarding work on a specific street, including construction schedules, select the street name and the field will expand to show additional information.

Please note that the completion dates listed below are approximate dates, based on schedules provided to the City by the contractors/developers for each project. Unexpected field conditions, inclement weather, and other unforeseen circumstances may impact schedules.

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Bundy Canyon Rd.

Palomar St.

  • Project: Palomar St./Clinton Keith Rd. Sidewalk, Trail, and Bike Lane Connectivity Project
  • Project No.: CIP 059
  • Project Type: City Capital Improvement Project
  • Project Description:
    • Construction of new sidewalks, trails, bike lanes, and roadway widening.
    • Note: Full road closures are not anticipated, but various temporary lane closures may occur. Drivers should anticipate delays during working hours (7:00 am - 3:30 pm).
  • Roadway Segments:
    • Palomar St. from Meadowridge Ln. to Clinton Keith Rd.
    • Clinton Keith Rd. (south side) adjacent to Stable Lanes Rd.
  • Project Schedule:
    • Expected Start: July 2022
    • Expected End: September 2022
    • Note: Construction schedules are subject to change for various reasons including but not limited to weather conditions, unforeseen emergencies, other acts of nature, and other unforeseen conditions.
  • Project Map:

Project Map


Beazer Homes, Boulder Creek [P14-0093]

Baxter Village, [P21-0012]

KB Homes, Verano [P21-0041]

Lennar Homes, Horizons [P21-0117]

IVMC Temp. Parking [P20-0062]