2021 Development Impact Fee (DIF) Study

2021 Development Impact Fee

Project Summary

In 2019, the City began a Development Impact Fee (DIF) Study Update that culminated in the adoption of the 2021 DIF Study Final Report (December 15, 2021). The City's previous DIF Study Update occurred in 2015 and since that time, the City has adopted its own Master Drainage Plan (December 2019), a Mobility Plan with updates to the City Circulation Plan (June 2021), and an Active Transportation Plan (June 2021). In addition, General Plan land use changes have been approved over the last few years and construction costs have increased. Therefore, it became necessary to update the City's DIF for consistency with the various master plans, General Plan, and current construction costs.

2021 DIF Adoption

2021 DIF Fees

DIF Chart 1
DIF Chart 2

2021 DIF Implementation

Per City Council Resolution No. 2021-76, the new development impacted fees will not become effective until July 1, 2022. Also, as presented to the City Council in both the November 2021 Council Workshop and the December 2021 Council Meeting, staff is working with the development community and relevant stakeholders who will be impacted by this DIF update to prepare a fee implementation plan for the new fees. The fee implementation plan will address how the new fees will apply to existing projects which are already processing with the City. Once finalized, another resolution will be presented to City Council, by or before July 1, 2022, to adopt the 2021 DIF Implementation Plan.

The currently proposed draft Fee Implementation Plan is summarized below. This plan is still in draft form and details of the plan are still being resolved. This draft plan is not yet approved and is subject to change.

  • Projects without approved entitlement before July 1, 2022:
    • Subject to the 2021 DIF Fees beginning on July 1, 2022
  • Projects with approved entitlements before July 1, 2022:
    • Active Projects before July 1, 2022 (processing plans, in construction, etc…)
      • Potentially eligible to continue paying 2015 DIF Fees for a period of 3 years
      • Must maintain project activity to maintain active status and maintain eligibility
    • Inactive Projects before July 1, 2022 (not processing plans, not in construction, etc…)
      • Subject to the 2021 DIF Fees beginning on July 1, 2022

Stakeholder Coordination

Questions or Concerns

The City is accepting comments and questions regarding the DIF Implementation Plan through the end of February 2022. Please use the link below to submit your contact information and any questions or comments you have.

Please contact Jason Farag, Project Manager, regarding any questions or concerns related to this project.

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