Wildomar News: The Year 1920

  1. January 8, 1920

Article from January 8, 1920Large Acreage Being Sown to Grain

Farmers Rejoice in Rain - Newsy Notes From the Valley

[Daily Press Special News Service]

Wildomar, January 8, 1920 - All the ranchers are rejoicing over the big rain on Saturday night. One of the best of New Year gifts to our community. Miss Green opened school again Monday and says no more vacation now until the close of school next spring. Miss Ellen Taylor has been ill for several weeks but began attending school again Monday. Mrs. O. C. Knox of Coachella was over at Wildomar to see how her pretty bungalow on Grand avenue is coming on without any tenants. She was a guest of Mrs. Soules while here. Fred Warner and Miss Helen Warner of Sedco were calling on friends here lately. Mrs. M. Soules gave a fine New Year's dinner to her neighbors. Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Taylor and family of four children and Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Matthews, all of Wildomar. Mrs. Dean Fletcher took a car of friends to Murrieta Hot Springs Saturday last, on business. The mornings have been very cool of late the mercury down to 36 and 34 degrees. R.J. Brown had to abandon the first well he was putting down because they came to solid rock at 110 feet, but he started another in a more favorable location for water he thinks. There is a large acreage of grain already sown here and the ranchers are busy putting in more since the last good rain. NH. Nieman, road foreman is having some needed work done on Central avenue this week. He did a good job on this street two years ago.

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