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Provide Permit Number, Location, Job Foreman and Contact Information at least 48 hours prior to seeking inspection. The Public Works Department issues permits for work or activities that occur within the City right-of-way. This includes:

  • Encroachment Permits
  • Haul Permits
  • Transportation Permits



Encroachment Permits

Before any construction occurs within the City right-of-way, an encroachment permit must be approved and issued. The purpose of an encroachment permit is to ensure that construction complies with City standards and that traffic safety is maintained during construction. The following is a list of some typical activities within the right-of-way that require an encroachment permit.

  • Driveway apron construction/modification
  • Area drain/curb core to drain a yard to the gutter
  • Utility maintenance
    • Replacements/repairs
    • New construction
  • Activities that require traffic control within City roadways

Only licensed contractors are permitted to do construction under an encroachment permit.

Haul Permits

Projects that require a prolonged duration of hauling materials (dirt, construction equipment, etc...) using City roads require a haul permit. The purpose of the haul permit is to ensure that the materials being hauled comply with applicable City requirements (if any) and that the haul route has the least impact on City roads and traffic.

Transportation (Oversized) Permits

Oversized loads that must be transported on or through City roads require a Transportation Permit. The purpose of this permit is to ensure that the vehicle load (width, height, and weight) comply with applicable City requirements and that the route does not adversely impact City infrastructure.


Email PW Inspections and provide the following information at least 48 hours prior to seeking inspection:

  • Permit Number
  • Project Location
  • Requested Inspection Date
  • Job Foreman and Contact Information

Once you have received a permit number and total fees due from City staff, visit our Customer Portal to pay the permit fees.