Administration / Finance & Human Resources

The Administrative Services Department consists of the following: 


The Finance Division actively manages the City’s revenues, expenditures, investments, debt, purchasing, accounting, budgeting and reporting on the City's financial status in a timely and accurate manner. Please see Finance Reports. For the recent presentation given at Coffee with the City, see Budget 101.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Division is dedicated to supporting the organization in meeting the goals of the City Manager as determined by the City Council.

Information Technology

The Information Technology (IT) Division is sub-contracted to various vendors who provide strategic planning, implementation, and ongoing operational support of the City’s technical infrastructure, government business applications, website and online services.

Risk Management

The Risk Management Division handles any and all claims against the City of Wildomar and the Wildomar Cemetery. Please use the online Claim Form (PDF)

Finance Reports

Special Financial Reports

Development Impact Fee Reports

Policies & Practices

Purchasing Practices

The City actively encourages businesses large and small to become potential suppliers of goods and services to our organization. We place a high value on fairness and providing friendly, personal contact with our current and potential suppliers. 

Insurance Requirements

While unique to the service provided, firms doing business with the City are required to be insured. The type and coverage will vary according to services provided.