Planning department information
Planning Department Updates

PLANNING DEPARTMENT FUNCTIONS - The Planning Department is divided up into four functional areas as follows:

1)  Public Information and Service is responsible for providing timely and accurate information to the general public through our zoning counter at City Hall, as well as by phone or email. Please contact Alfredo Garcia at 951-677-7751, Ext. 203, or

2)  Current Planning is responsible for review, analysis and processing of all development applications and ensuring all development projects are consistent with the goals and policies of the General Plan; in compliance with the Zoning Ordinance; and in compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Guidelines.  A project planner is assigned to a project from design to occupancy. If you have questions about a specific project that cannot be answered by our Public Information and Services team, you may be referred to the project planner for their expertise.  For questions regarding current planning, please contact Matthew Bassi, Planning Director at 951-677-7751, Ext. 203 or by email at

3)  Advance Planning is primarily responsible for administration and update of the City's General Plan, Specific Plans and Zoning Ordinance; conducting special studies as directed by the City Council; and responding to other governmental entities/jurisdictions on a variety of planning projects and regulations. For questions regarding advanced planning, please contact Matthew Bassi, Planning Director at 951-677-7751, Ext. 203 or by email at

4)  CEQA /Environmental is primarily responsible for implementation of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Guidelines as it applies to EIR's, Mitigated Negative Declarations and Negative Declarations on all development projects.  Our CEQA/Environmental team works closely with the current planning team on a daily basis to ensure that all development projects are evaluated for compliance with CEQA, as well as performing peer reviews of technical studies and other environmental documents. For questions regarding CEQA, please contact our CEQA Manager, Mark Teague at 858-453-3602, Ext. 15201 or by email at


CUMULATIVE DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS MAP/MATRIX - If you are interested in seeing what development projects are being planned and/or worked on by city staff, please review our cumulative development projects map/matrix on the Planning Department website.  The map/matrix is updated quarterly and can be found at the following web address:  For further questions, please contact the Planning Department, Mr. Alfredo Garcia, at 951-677-7751, Ext. 203.