Measure Z

Excerpted from Official Measure Impartial Analysis

Measure Z would add Chapter 3.18 to the Wildomar Municipal Code entitled “Save Wildomar Community Parks Funding Measure.” The Measure would establish a dedicated funding source to pay for the operation, maintenance and repair of Wildomar’s community parks and related facilities, programs and services....

....The tax revenue will be restricted to pay for the repair, operation and maintenance of Wildomar’s community parks and related facilities, programs and services…. 

....The tax revenue must be used locally within the City of Wildomar, such as at Marna O’Brien Park.  The funds also must undergo annual financial audits.  In addition, each year the City Council will receive a report that accounts for the tax’s proceeds and expenditures and describes the types of facilities, programs and services funded.

Official Measure Z Ballot Question

Measure to Save Wildomar Community Parks.  To reopen closed community parks, prevent closure of Marna O’Brien Park (the last open City park), restore funding for recreational services/ community events, maintain safe playground equipment, clean public restrooms, sports fields, and youth/children’s recreation/after-school programs, restore park security patrols/safety lighting, and remove graffiti; shall the City of Wildomar levy $28 per parcel annually, with required independent financial audits, and requiring that all funds are used locally?


Financial Protections

  • Measure Z requires that all funds are used locally for Wildomar parks.
  • Measure Z requires independent financial audits to ensure funds are spent properly.
  • Measure Z funds are protected by law from the state. No funds can be taken by Sacramento.