Marna O'Brien Park

Regency-Heritage Park

Windsong Park

The City of Wildomar has 3 parks providing recreation opportunities for its residents on just over 15 acres of parklands. The three parks were granted to the City from Riverside County during the fall of 2009. Funding for the maintenance of the Wildomar area parks had always been a challenge since the parks development in the early 1990's when administered by Ortega Parks District. Upon the Districts demise in 2002 and park closures, the County assumed responsibility for the park lands and in 2006 started administering a landscape maintenance district providing the needed funding to re-open and maintain the parks. During the fall of 2010, the Courts granted an appeal of an earlier Court decision which stated that the County's park maintenance funding assessment was valid. Overturning that initial decision and invalidating the assessment removed the funding of the park maintenance. This Court action resulted in the closing of the parks once again. At last, during November 2012 the residents of the City of Wildomar approved Measure "Z" (68.5% approval) which restored the park maintenance and recreation services through a $28.00 annual parcel tax.            

Parks Grand Re-Opening on April 12, 2014

Parks Grand Re-Opening

Wildomar Parks Map

Be our eyes and ears, report any suspicious activity to:

Wildomar Park Security: 951-445-7880
Police Department-Non Emergency: 800-950-2444
Park Maintenance: 951-365-5167